Hello World!

We could all use a little more positivity in our lives, right? Consider this lifestyle blog, Darling Kreature to be my “happiness project”–a gift to myself and you to add a bit more light to our lives. This “happiness project” will give me the opportunity to flex my writing skills, do some self-exploration, connect with others, enlighten myself and others, serve as a creative outlet and–most of all–remind you and I that we deserve good things and we are badasses.

I feel like I’m a potty mouthed fairy godmother or something. I dig it.


I’m Erika, an ebullient twenty-nine year old girly nerd living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a self-proclaimed nostalgic soul, vintage lover, goody-two-shoes, feminist (“Vintage Style, Not Vintage Values, people!“), amateur baker, treasure hunter, True Crime geek, sassy stitcher, and book worm. Join me in my silly and awesome adventures as I explore new places and concepts, research inspiring individuals and events throughout history, expand my horizons, and find adorable things and beauty in everyday life.

Mr Snail Winter shoes

Ice Cream Dress

*I use profanities in my writing, so please explore at your own risk. I greatly appreciate your support in my positivity blog journey! ♥️