Hello World!

dar·ling – noun – used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person.
crea·ture krea·ture – noun – anything living or existing; a person of a specified kind.

We could all use a little more positivity in our lives, right? Consider this lifestyle/positivity blog, The Darling Kreature, to be my “happiness project.” A gift to myself and you to add a bit more light to our lives. This happiness project will give me the opportunity to flex my writing skills, do some self-exploration, connect with others, enlighten, serve as a creative outlet, and most of all…

Remind you and I that we deserve good things and we are badasses.

I feel like I’m a potty mouthed fairy godmother or something. I dig it.


I’m Erika, an ebullient twenty-nine year old girly nerd living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a self-proclaimed nostalgic soul, vintage lover, goody-two-shoes, feminist (“Vintage Style, Not Vintage Values, people!“), amateur baker, treasure hunter, True Crime geek, sassy stitcher, nature admirer and book worm. Join me in my silly and awesome adventures as I explore new places and concepts, research inspiring and amazing things, expand my horizons, and find adorable things and beauty in everyday life.

Mr Snail Winter shoes

Ice Cream Dress


*I use profanities in my writing, so please explore at your own risk. I greatly appreciate your support in my positivity blog journey! ♥️