From Pixie to Undercut: My Hair Growth Journey

I am SO very proud to announce to you all that my hair has gotten long enough to where I need to start using a hairbrush. This is a huge deal because I haven’t used a hairbrush in 10+ years.

Yep, you read that right. 10+ years.

I almost can’t even believe it myself!

This post is a shout out for myself because for the longest time–really, since junior year of high school–I thought that I’d be stuck with a pixie cut because… well, it’s terribly difficult to grow out. You go through so many awkward stages, you get frequent hair trims in an attempt to avoid the awkward stages (but let’s face it, you’re gonna have toΒ  deal with some awkwardness, no matter what), and it feels like it takes an eternity for your hair to grow!

I also hope that this post will serve as an inspiration and cheering on for anyone who is attempting to grow their hair out. The journey is hard, but it is doable with some creativity, patience, biotin supplements and an amazing hairdresser that actually listens to you. (Also, shout out to my hairdresser of 6+ years. You are the best!!)

Colleagues, friends and family alike have commented on how long my hair’s gotten lately. So I decided to dig up some old photos and lament at my progress:


Wowee. I honestly don’t remember when this photo was taken. Maybe four years ago?


When this photo was taken, I was surprised that the hair/makeup artist got my hair to do this. You can’t quite see it, but I had a little victory roll in there!

This was when I was trying to do something different with my pixie. I rocked the Moe from the Three Stooges/mushroom cut look. Honestly, sometimes I miss the mushroom cut–it was really cute and unique! I mean, no one can really pull off this look, but I felt like a pretty cute weirdo mushroom chick. Ha!

Now you can’t unsee it. Call me Moe Mushroom.

Really, it was preparation for the style I wound up trying to shoot for: the undercut. Ultimately, I thought that if I could allow the top of my hair to grow and just keep the sides and back short, I’d be able to transition to the undercut with ease.

I was right on! And it took me about a year to get to a formidable undercut.


I think for now, I’ll keep letting my hair grow until it hits my chest and keep shaving the sides and back. The undercut makes me feel simultaneous edgy, feminine, cute and badass! And I can do so much more with it than before… which has been a challenge in of itself. With having a pixie for as long as I have, I had essentially forgotten how to do hair. Thankfully, with the undercut, it’s like my hair is already styled with little to no effort! Sometimes I’ll mix it up with a little messy bun or two little messy space buns.

But I’m looking forward to next week when my friend will be attempting to braid my hair into a fishtail!!

If you’re just starting or are in the middle of your hair growth journey, let me be the first to tell you that it really is tough and I understand your frustration. And it’s okay to trim your hair to maintain your sanity–you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Don’t forget to tap into your creativity too. It’ll make the journey more fun and tolerable during your most frustrating days. Last but not least, find yourself a hairdresser you trust and can confide in. Tell them all your hair worries and dreams! Let them guide you along this journey, like the Virgil to your Dante, the Navi to your Link, or the Gandalf to your Frodo.

(Shout out to all the literary nerds and or gamers who got that. Extra bonus points if you got all three. You get me.)

You can do it! I’ll be rooting for you the entire way!

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