Summer Time Fun

This summer has been busy for me! I recently started a new position at work, which I love, but has kept me very much on my toes! I got to thinking that I needed to engage myself with some equally exciting and nice things to do for myself when I wasn’t at work. So I’ve compiled a short list (which isn’t in any particular order) of just a few things I’ve enjoyed this summer and hope to continue doing with each summer going forward.


#1: Adopt New Plants!

I’m a sucker for cute plants–especially succulents and cacti because I’ve got a brown thumb when it comes to caring for most plants, so I need hardy plants that can put up with that. It fills my heart with joy to bring a new plant into our home. They’re just so adorable! This particular beauty was given to me for my birthday from my gal pal, Brooke. The big terracotta pot is one she had when she lived in Rochester, NY and she had hunted down these massive succulents. The flowers haven’t bloomed quite yet, but hopefully they will soon!


#2: Brunch with Friends. Often!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good brunch! I’ll brunch with friends, family and even sometimes by myself if I’m really hankering to go out for breakfast food and get some reading done. I’m the foodie friend who will recommend all the best places to eat in town. This particular brunch was special because it took place at my pal Dawn’s house before we went antiquing. By the way, Dawn is an amazing host and cook! The lady needs her own show!



#3: Go Antiquing!

This summer has been chock full of antiquing adventures with friends! So far, we’ve explored Centralia, Tacoma, Ballard and Seattle. I’m hoping to get some Portland, Astoria and some other locations under my belt for antiquing in the future. (Hopefully this weekend during my birthday girl trip to Portland, we’ll get to do just that!) These pictures are from my trip to Centralia with fellow sassy ladies, Dawn and Jeannette. We were gawking at all of the crazy finds in each shop we visited! Downtown Centralia sure is cute!

It was Dawn’s clever thinking to have me pose next to the giant rooster display in town. “Erika, go take a picture with that cock!”


#4: Bake Delicious Goodies from Scratch!

I’ve been telling people lately that my baking from scratch is me putting my degree to use! (I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.) I have really enjoyed baking cakes, cookies and pies from scratch this summer–it’s been a great exercise in experimentation, flexibility, and piecing together how and why ingredients are necessary in recipes I find. It’s also been an adventure in trying to figure out ingredient alternatives when I’m baking for people who have food allergies. With the holidays approaching, I’ve been already brainstorming what I’ll be making: sweet potato pie, apple pie (mostly because we have been especially curious about this weird phenomenon of people putting cheddar cheese on their apple pie… it sounds zany!), sugar cookies, and naked cakes!


#5: Get Stitchin’!

I’m pretty proud of my little embroidery creations lately! I’ve been cross-stitching for a number of years now and decided to kick it up a notch by teaching myself embroidery. The lazy daisy, the french knot, the running stitch, the satin stitch, the stem stitch… I had immersed myself into all of these techniques and free-handed designs on stretched out fabric to get these crude yet cute creations.


#6: Check Out Festivals!

This GIF makes me giggle for a few reasons. First reason is that Jake was so occupied with helping me get pictures of me making bubbles that he didn’t realize his fingers were visible in each shot! I can’t blame him though–he deals with me demanding that he photographs me and never complains, and he really does try! ( ā¤ ) Second is that as I was waving the bubble wand in the air, some of the soap got in my eye and I thought I’d look like a buffoon–but this turned out cuter than I was expecting. So, this was from when we went to the local Brewfest in town this summer with a group of friends. It was a blast! Just imagine a big, cleared out golf course in high 80 degree Fahrenheit weather, with a handful of food trucks, a few interactive activities, and dozens of tents that offer locally crafted beers and ciders that you get to sample, and can go back for more as long as you’ve got tokens. I’m still working on expanding my palette when it comes to beer, but I do love me a good cider. And actually, I did find a few beers I liked! We haven’t had a chance to attend too many events this summer, but I’m looking forward to checking out more later!

Summer’s almost over, but there’s still time for fun activities. Besides… with each season, there’s always new and exciting stuff to do!




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