The Septum Experiment


Earlier this year on January 20th, I did something I had been wanting to do for a long time: get my septum pierced! I took the plunge after pondering on it for several years, asking for opinions from friends and family, most of which were actually not into the idea of me having a piece of metal sticking out of my nostrils. It’s funny because I had my right nostril pierced before and everyone thought it was cute, but wearing the bone stud wasn’t “rad enough” for my tastes and I wound up taking it out anyway. …And I suppose I learned my lesson after ripping the stud out of my nose with a towel that happened to have some camouflaged snags, despite trying to be ever so careful!

In fact, that happened twice. Ouch. The first time it happened, I yanked it out and couldn’t find the bone stud, so I stopped by the local piercing shop to get another one. In my car, looking at my nose in the rear view mirror, I wound up just shoving it through the barely open hole that existed in my nose. Essentially, I re-pierced my nostril that day. Turns out, nose piercings heal really fast!

Recently, I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I didn’t care too much about what everyone thought–just a very few select people who are very accepting. But you can bet that I got some interesting looks and commentary from folks when I voiced my intentions.

I had heard from one friend that she was not a big fan of the piercing on anyone.

A good handful of people informed me of their own accord, upon hearing my interest, that getting the piercing would take away from my beauty.

One other person told me that onlyΒ “troubled people get piercings like that.”Β 

Another good one is, “you’re going to look like a bull.”


Umm… what?

Well, we all know how this story goes. I did it anyway.

I got it anyway because I really wanted it, after sitting on the idea for years, doing my homework, and finally having the opportunity to actually do it! After doing the deed with my gal pal who also got pierced that day, I felt absolutely powerful!Β I had just slayed a dragon. A dragon of self-consciousness, projection and judgement.

Side note: shout out to the fellow dragon slayers I spoke to on this subject before and after I got the piercing who were ferociously supportive of me displaying and exuding my authentic, adorably badass self to the world. I love you all.

My entire septum piercing experience from start to finish reminded me very much of an article I had read during my research from Elite Daily. It’s the story of Zara Barrie fawning over her favorite model/girl-crush, deciding that she wanted a septum piercing of her own, and the impending explosion that erupted on her Facebook when she put her interest out there for the universe to see. And then she performed “the septum experiment”: she bought faux septum jewelry and decided to strut about town with it. As you can imagine, her findings were interesting, to say the very least!

Since I’ve gotten the piercing, I’ve actually had little to no negativity come of it. In fact, all the naysayers before either haven’t said anything or they said they really liked it! That they thought it looked awesome! I’ve even had people not even notice I got it… Like the dental assistant that was working on my teeth a few months after I got it. Seriously.

The dental assistant scoped out my teeth, had a face-to-face conversation with me and everything, and decided to do an x-ray for my records. After she took all of the images she needed, she sat back in her chair behind me for a moment, humming as if she were stumped about something. I chimed in, “what’s wrong?” And here I am, thinking that I’ve got something funky going in my mouth.

She replied, “There’s this weird thing that showed up in the x-ray and I don’t know what it is.”

We then faced each other and her gaze met my nose. Her eyes got wide when she exclaimed, “Oh! You have a nose piercing!” It was a good laugh for both of us!

By the way, my dentist said my teeth are perfect. Phew!

I’m sharing this story because I’m sure I’m not the only person out there who hasn’t done something that I really wanted to do because I was afraid of looking ugly or being undesirable based solely on what people had told me. As it turns out, when you exhibit yourself the way that you want to, you’ll find that your true friends will support you no matter what. Your supporters don’t have to share the same sentiments as you, but as long as they respect you, hear you out, and support you regardless (and yet another disclaimer: as long as your reasoning isn’t asinine or unhealthy), you know you’re in good company.

For those of you who are asking about the piercing itself: this was the least painful body modification I’ve ever gotten. It was also relatively easy to heal, save for sticking gobs of cotton drowned in sea salt rinse up my nose twice a day. And whenever I’d want to, I can easily hide it–but I, thankfully, haven’t needed to. My septum piercing has been received warmly or, again, people just haven’t noticed that it’s there.

And eight months later, I still really love my septum piercing!



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