“Leap, and the Net Will Appear”


Let’s take a deep breath.  Although I consider new adventures to be an exciting thing, there is an element of nervousness that tends to sprout up in the back of my mind–that annoying voice that worries about every little thing and fears failure. Particularly when I’m engaging in something new–like blogging! This is my very first and very real attempt at creating and maintaining a blog.

Considering that the internet is a vast sea of thoughts, ideas and musings, it’s hard to invent something original these days. For quite some time, I was wrestling with the idea of what the hell I was even going to blog about–what can I do that will stand out and be different from the rest? Who’s going to follow along and be interested in anything I have to say?

Boy, was I surprised when I got my answer from a good handful of people who know me IRL. All of these people, some who have known me for years and some that have just met me, have all said the same things over the course of a few days of me just offhandedly mentioning my over-the-years flickering interest in blogging:

“You’re empowering,”

“You’re quirky,”

“You’ve got cool interests,”

“You love learning,”

“You’re a great writer,”

“Just do it already.”

After much encouragement, a keen desire to embark on a new “self-exploration” journey and to feed my malnourished creative soul, I have challenged myself to take the leap. I learned in my adult life that you’ve gotta do things for you, and hearing what the people in my life had to say about my blogging dream made me remember that. (Thanks everyone!)

Do things that make you happy. Do things that make you feel good inside. Do things that allow you to grow and learn–because that’s what life is about, right? Because if you’re not happy and growing, then you’re not living.

So reader, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Erika, an ebullient twenty-eight year old resident of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. My mission in life is to spread more positivity in the world, and keep learning, growing and hustling. I embroider sassy sayings with cute doodles, bake cakes and cookies, abide by “vintage style, not vintage values,” read true crime and science books, nerd out over the Final Fantasy series, and love walking through cemeteries. I collect record players, not because I seek them out but because people just gift them to meand I love taking pictures on my little Polaroid camera. My favorite subjects in school were science, history and creative writing. These are all things that will be peppered into this blog, simply because they make me who I am.

This blog won’t fit into one particular subject because I have so many things I want to share with you, reader. Absolutely, this blog will serve up organic positivity and encouragement, with a side of crisp research articles on empowerment and amazing historical figures and events that inspire me. And don’t forget the dollop of cute and adorable shit that I can’t resist sharing. Ultimately, it’ll be a way to document my adventures, discoveries and all things I find rad. Thanks for joining me in this journey, and I hope you feel inspired and empowered through my posts.

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